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That's what I felt and tasted every time I ate my mother's food. Was it the flavor and texture, the alluring colors, or the mouthwatering spices? Maybe it was the perfection to which every thing was prepared. The meat always moist and tender. The Basmati rice flavorful & aromatic. The vegetables, fresh & juicy. We tasted love in every bite.

Enticing recipes hailing from a multitude of places in the Middle East including Yemen, Morocco, Tashkent, Israel & Afghanistan; there were always a rich array of influences in the food we ate. Her love and care is what came shining through with each and every morsel. At Shefa, our mission is to provide you with the same enchanting culinary experience.

At the Israeli shuks (outdoor farmer’s markets), you’ll always find tables overflowing with generous heaps of Mediterranean spices like cumin, za’atar, saffron and turmeric; and herbs like cilantro, basil, oregano and thyme. They all provide a myriad of health benefits that can contribute to lower blood pressure, better circulation and healthier skin and bones. We use an exclusive blend of these spices and herbs to enhance your eating experience while providing a healthy alternative to inferior fast and inexpensive foods. When you eat at Shefa, you don’t have to compromise quality for price. We bring you tempting, exotic flavors to please the palate, but also want you to feel the love by nourishing your body and soul, without emptying your wallet.

When you're here, we take care of you like family. We guarantee it will be love at first bite.



Sunday 12:00-10:00

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Shefa Melrose

7275 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles CA 90046


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