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Spring Time with Shefa Melrose

gluten-free options

Spring has sprung! At Shefa, our “Rainbow Platter” is an array of bright colors and refreshing flavors. The platter, which includes pickled beets, chickpeas, corn salad, carrot salad, hummus, white & red cabbage, and Israeli salad; is perfect for complementing the bright and beautiful colors of spring. Every dish within the platter is carefully crafted


for the perfect amount of freshness. Bold and subtle flavors are the perfect compliment the rest of your dishes.

Traditionally, it is served at the beginning of your meal, alongside our homemade pitas/laffas. Let our Rainbow Platter take you on a journey across the globe.


Our pita/laffa bread is made fresh every single day. From mixing the fresh ingredients, hand shaping them and baking them fresh-to-order; they are one of the items that set Shefa Melrose apart from ‘the other guys’.

We believe that adding a personal touch of love to our food, translates to a better and more intimate experience for our customers. We want you to experience our culture and feel like you are a part of our family; Shefa with love.

Our rainbow platter, pitas/laffa bread and other dishes are sure to send your taste buds on a ride straight to the Mediterranean.


Plan your next catered event or party with us!

We have a HUGE dining area that doubles as an event space and venue. We have plenty of options that are sure to satisfy you and your guests. Call us so we can help you plan your next big event.


Shefa Rainbow Plate

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